August 20, 2022

Web Design at its best, please browse our portfolio

By w1nclub55

Pretty much all the people involved into the core of this projects area great software developers and engineers that made and continue making a great job for samasitu. The main problem resides on the plugins and themes added to them. Many of the people creating these applications do not have a good foundation in programming and overlook too many details that allow hackers to gain and sequester access into these softwares.

Based on that, lets take something else in consideration, most of the web design companies that will offer you a solution based on these software know the minimum needed to do what you need to have on it, and that is a big problem. They are working on something they don’t deeply understand or care to understand, so, are you willing to go ahead and really over pay for a service that anyone with a little bit of knowledge can do? Of course not, you want your moneys worth and your business well represented…

Well… What can you do?
My recommendation (I’m a Software Engineer with over 25 years working on this field) is to think about what you need your website for before doing or looking for any company to make it happen. Based on that if you want your website as a blog, where non important and expendable information can be set online, Word Press, Drupal or any other free CMS can do the work for you but if you want a website that reflect your company, where security is needed and something that represent yourself to your potential customers online DO NOT allow anyone creating your site use any of these CMSs, as proven they can be dangerous down the road while SAVING YOU NO MONEY to have them.

So, why not to use WordPress or Drupal for my business website? Look, if you are looking for a serious website don’t let anyone just throw a peace of code on it that they don’t understand and they really expect it to work. That is not what you hoped when you started this project in your mind and it is not the right solution for you. Believe me, a peace of random software created for another purpose and modified to cover yours is not what you need. You need something robust, that you can grow on and will not be a problem in the future. Something reliable and stable. We’ve being doing these kind of work for the last 20 years and if you check our customers reviews you will see the results.

The software developed by our company will be created just for you, to fit your needs, will have no extra stuffing and you will be able to grow on it as much as you need in the future. We use the latest available technologies to add to our website and create our own code to each of our project… AND also charge a lot less than these other companies with little knowledge will charge. Also we partner with the leaders in this industry to be able to bring you the best on each project and make sure we are up-to-date in all aspects of this game.